My childhood growing up in the historic coastal New England state of Massachusetts was always an adventure! After living in Nevada & Michigan, I found there was no place for me like my home state of Massachusetts.

Inspired by the natural healing properties of the ocean, salts, clay's,  spices, & oils, I continued my college studies to learn about Earth's natural elements, Ecology, and the Environment & Society. In Entrepreneurial School I formed a business plan with the goal of sourcing quality personal care products to mindful-consumers who desire to use healthier products themselves in their daily skin care routine.

The usage of animal-by products and global climate change is directly interrelated on a global scale. I founded my company MASS OLE SOAP AND PROVISIONS striving to promote plant-based vegan products, enforcement of animal ethics, and the conservation of our environment. Animal-by products are a valuable commodity throughout the world. Lessening this impact on animals, the Earth, & the Environment is the ethical approach to a sustainable future for many future generations to come.

We can promote ways to source these products more ethically and responsibly such as tightening regulations on Animal-Factory Farming and opting instead for farm-to table approaches such as Silvopasture farming of animals free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, rodenticides, and other toxic chemicals that pollute the environment for all living species.

We can promote sustainable fishing practices by enforcing laws prohibiting illegal & unethical fishing, such as purse-seine fishing which unnecessarily captures marine creatures from the ocean like Dolphins, Seahorses, and Starfish, among many other precious species.

As consumers we can purchase responsibly sourced personal care products, that don't compromise best practices for healthy, ethically, and responsibly sourced products.

It's our mission to promote healthier living, best business practices, and animal-ethics at MASS OLE SOAP AND PROVISIONS.


Why Is Handcrafting Vegetable-Based Vegan Bar Soaps So Important To Us?

Based out of our home state of Massachusetts in Easton, MASS OLES SOAP AND PROVISIONS was founded so consumers no longer need to worry about toxic contaminant intake through the skin, the body’s largest organ, or finding cruelty free and animal friendly products like our vegetable-based vegan bar soaps that are better than commercial brand soaps and more sustainable for the environment.

Major mass-produced commercial brand personal care soap products usually contain animal fats, animal by-products, hazardous chemicals, parabens, triclosan, phthalates, and aluminum salts which can be toxic substances, known endocrine disruptors, and parabens have been linked to breast cancer in humans. We strive to disrupt the major commercial personal care products brands' market to bring cruelty-free, vegan based, ethically sourced, and ecologically sustainable alternatives to mindful consumers who want to source better products for themselves and their families while reducing their carbon-footprint by using more vegetable-based products and less animal-by products.

Some of the larger socially conscious corporations engage in corporate philanthropy and give back a part of their profits to charitable organizations. Some of these brands are successful at selling soaps in large quantities advertised as ethically made soap, however these companies amass massive global carbon footprints that pollute the environment and do not meet other standards when it comes to people, animals, the environment, sustainability, and transparency.

Our soaps at MASS OLE SOAP AND PROVISIONS contain NO animal fats, by-products, hazardous chemicals, or toxic substances. All our soap is handcrafted using only 100% essential oils for a hint of fragrance and only natural coloring. All our products are made using cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and ecologically sustainable, vegetable-based, natural, vegan ingredients. Our products are packaged with environmental sustainability as a priority. We are passionate about delivering value while preserving the environment!